2026 shortstop Spencer Browning commits to Arkansas…

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Wow hard to believe they offer these kids that young!! Must be one heck of a player


My wife says he is a really good kid. So there is that.



Spencer is a great athlete. His age group is absolutely loaded. There will be other high D1 players that will be his high school teammates.

Crazy to see 8th graders committing to schools, though!

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Yeah it really is unbelievable that 8th graders are committing… A lot can change in 4 years.We all hope DVH will be here but there are no guarantees…

8th grade? Ridiculous. Why not let them be kids?

The baseball chase is crazy. For starters there is only 11.7 scholarships to be divided among all of the roster. So, if a school you wants offers you a decent amount, kid has to take it.

Kid needs leverage for draft. A commitment to a major school early helps with agent and mlb.

Finally, youth baseball in arkansas has gotten ridiculously good now. With sticks and prospects organizations and Dustin moseley’s performance teams kids are improving and competing at high levels.

These kids are amazingly skilled and Arkansas is lucky.

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Yeah if we offered him as a 8th grader he is unbelievably talented!


Don’t you put that evil on us Youda!

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I assume you mean what I said about DVH
Man I hope he stays here 10 more years but you just never know… I sure hope he is I hope this kid stays with us and becomes a stud

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