2023 will be an important year in college sports

Still a couple of federal court cases that could change things further, the one year of a 14-team Big 12, recommendations on how to revise the NCAA governance structure, a new NCAA president with political connections, the last year of the four-team CFP, etc.

The major court case that is likely to be decided in 2023 is Johnson v. NCAA, which focuses on whether college athletes should be regarded as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

But this quote from attorney Mat Winter, who is involved in a lot of this, says a lot:

It’s going to be a year where more administrators — whether that’s schools, conferences, the NCAA — kind of wake up to the fact that model that they’ve operated under for as long as they’ve been involved in college athletics is probably not going to be the model that’s around much longer. They’re going to have to start doing the work, the thinking on what the new model is going to look like.

The old model will be replaced, but there is going to have to be a model of some type. We’re in a situation right now that is almost devoid of structure. Professional teams pay players, some huge amounts, some not nearly as much. They do however have contracts that are enforced. You don’t suddenly decide you’re going to change teams or leave your team without major penalties. You’re in breach of contract if you do that, then you don’t get to play for anyone or get paid by anyone.


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