2023 recruit “signs” for $8,000,000

Athletic story behind paywall.

Player and school are kept anonymous.

Wow! I wonder who the recruit is?

Think I’ll see that kid at a local McDonalds?

College football is a train zooming down the tracks and will soon crash I am afraid.
I realize my world is dying but with the portal and now the open buying of players is not frankly what I wish to see. But my time has passed I fear.


How do you find this stuff out? Just wondering…

So he is getting more money than the coach or perhaps the entire coaching staff!!!

Like in the NFL…… :grimacing:

Story also discusses that some kids are signing stuff with repayment clauses, although it was negotiated out of this contract. Caveat emptor, but also get an attorney to review it.

Only if he owns it.

It was on a news app, Smart News, I have…

Same here. It’s a completely new world. Perhaps I’ll learn to like it, but so far I’m still stuck in a prior time.


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