2023 PG Layden Blocker visit

on Saturday will start at 10 am.

As expected Senor RD has this ish on lock!

I feel very good about Hogs getting his signature when that time comes. Good vibes and whispers,

I hope we can sign both Blocker and Warren. It appears to me that Blocker is a more natural PG and Bryson is a top scorer and shooter and would be more effective at the 2G spot. Would Muss’ system allow a pair of 6’2" guards to start in those 2 spots?

Are Blocker and Warren friends or have they indicated a desire to both play on the same team?

I believe Muss’s system will allow any sized player that can score, handle the ball, and play defense, ample opportunity for minutes. Muss may prefer tall and long guard/forwards (don’t we all) but he has also shown that he is not afraid to play “small ball” with guys that get it done.

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