2023 Non- Conference FB Games

Can someone enlighten me on who our non-conference opponents will be next year. Thank you and I’ll hang up

Western Carolina
Kent State
Florida International

If we don’t go 4-0 against that something is seriously wrong.

Thanks Pavlovhog 1, thank goodness we are getting rid of the suicidal schedule thrust upon us by a Mr. Jeffery Long.

Three of the four non-conference games on this year’s schedule were contracted since Yurachek was hired. The Missouri State game was the only one contracted when Long was AD, and it was initially for 2021. That contract was reworked a few years ago.

Matt, don’t go introducing facts and spoiling his rant.

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Kent State gave mighty Georgia all they wanted this year. BYU is certainly capable of putting a very good team on the field. In my mind, we’re gonna crush Western Carolina. I can’t keep FIU and FAU straight. Which one did Kiffin coach? Either one will have a roster loaded with South Florida speed, so I wouldn’t take them for granted.

Kiffin coached at FAU.

FIU was where Butch Davis coached until last year. They are probably looking at their fourth consecutive season with a losing record. Mike MacIntyre, the former Colorado coach, is there now.