2023 Arkansas DB pledge Young on board with new hire Bowman (story)

Gardendale, Ala., Dallas Young (6-1, 180) talked to both Dominique Bowman and Sam Pittman late this afternoon. And then talked to me and I wrote about it.


That is Awesome! now if we can get Rowser to stay Commited.


Rowser has to love seeing what’s in the pipeline, if he is still interested in being a Razorback.

I don’t think any coach no longer here or one coming/here will have anything to do with the Rowser situation.

Obviously a week or so and it will have played itself out.

Hate to hear that. Talent isn’t always enough.

Pretty quick work by Coach Pittman! Making sure players talk to the new coach quickly and ensure they talk to the Head Coach too!
The Rowser situation could be a number of things! I trust this coaching staff will make sure the right thing is done in each situation that takes place.
Sometimes it may not be what fans want! We will all know soon.

Dudley - thanks for the information on Rowser….real bummer. Will you have a write up or any further information on down the line on this situation? Thanks

If he or his coach would answer my calls, texts or DM - certainly.

That’s not happening right now.

Sounds good and thank you sir.

BTW - great article on the recent Hunt deal!!!


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