2023-2024 bball roster

We have 3 coming in with 3 leaving not including black or devo, so with that being said who’s staying and whose leaving . I figure muss will get one more in the portal once black enters his name .

He’s doing a lot of contacting and visits just for one for spot to be filled. I figure atleast someone would’ve hit the portal by now .

Just a guess.
K Johnson gone out of eligibility
N. Smith. NBA draft. Gone
Council NBA draft hum might be return
Devo NBA draft. Hum I see Devo back
A. Black. No announcement yet.
Could a few more leave possible.

  1. TB
  2. Walsh
  3. Ford
  4. Pinion
  5. Mi. Mitchell
  6. Ma. Mitchell
  7. Dunning
  8. Graham
  9. Devo
  10. Blocker
  11. Falle
  12. Minefield
  13. Black until we hear something he’s still here in my eyes. So who leaves to make room form here

So he’s coming back? I love it!
The skills are there. Just gotta turn into more of a dog on D.
Great news in my book!


I bet they discussed defense in their post season meeting

We are going to play very different next season.
Keyon was a pleasant addition and a major sign.
I like where this is going.


Me too, Gas. If we can keep Walsh and Devo, and add a couple of snipers, I would be over the moon.

Probably not a popular opinion, but if we don’t sign a really solid big, I will be fine with the twins coming back too. Anybody that comes back to play a 2nd year for Muss already knows what is expected. To me, that is huge.

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Yes we are going to be much more uptempo and that’s why he’s trying to get these combo guards to come in here and dominate inside and out.
Gone are the days where teams are going to pack the paint and not get their butt burnt by us shredding that net from the 3!!

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My apologies to JG … I thought he would definitely be one on the “trade block”, but obviously Muss considers him an important piece of next season’s puzzle


Among the four guys getting the least PT last year, Graham is the one I thought could contribute next year and hoped he returns. Very pleased to see this.

I think over the summer, Muss is going to turn him into a decent defensive player. Brazile and Graham sharing the 4! Wow!

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Barry dunning cleaned his ig

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Graham was atrocious from the free throw line. Getting him to 50% on free throws with his current form will be an undertaking.

Pinion is coming back, or at least retweeted from a grad assistant that he was returning. So further departures would be from:

AB (shocked if he didn’t)
Walsh (may test the waters)
Dunning (likely)

At this point, my guess is AB goes, Walsh tests the waters, the twins stay and Dunning goes. Which would leave two more portal spots, three if Walsh likes what he hears.

Dunning staying per Twitter, Don’t know if Offical

I’m finding an oblique reference to a retweet by Dunning’s mom but I can’t find that specific tweet. Barry himself hasn’t tweeted anything.

I was told yesterday everyone was planning to come back.

Thanks Swine

What about Aborgast (sp) and Blake’s spots? Assuming they have both graduated, time to take one for the team boys

Didn’t he place them on scholarship?

Devo is not on your list. I am not counting him ‘in’ until he says so. I will be surprised if he returns. Pleasantly surprised, that is.