2022 Weekend Starters

Matt (or anyone), who do you consider the top candidates for Weekend Starter Roles for next season?

This is just a guess but I think Noland, Pallette(if Healthy)I would like to see Morris get a shot but could be Tole or Fr LH Smith…we have soooooo many possibilities…I really think wiggins would obviously be an option too but I think he may want him to close. I can’t wait for Baseball could be an even better team than last yr.

I asked Matt Hobbs that question this week. He said the pitchers who are being evaluated or will be evaluated as starters are Connor Noland, Jaxon Wiggins, Heston Tole, Peyton Pallette, Hagen Smith, Austin Ledbetter, Will McEntire, Zebulon Vermillion, Kole Ramage and Mark Adamiak. Hobbs has told me in the past he wants to go into the season with six pitchers he feels comfortable starting on the weekend.

Skip forward to 20:45 in the podcast to hear the talk about starters.

I think Van Horn likes to have at least one left hander in the weekend rotation. That doesn’t mean it will always happen.

I think Connor Noland and Peyton Pallette are the two most likely weekend starters because of their experience.

Yes that would be great if we have LH in the Rotation and I really beleive Morris can do it,94-95 with as good a CB as anybody we have…so we will see…Plenty of options! never a bad thing

The LH in the rotation is nice and it’s also nice to have a couple that can come out of the bullpen.
Pallette needs to get healthy before the season starts. With all of the options Coach Van Horn and Coach Hobbs have a lot of work to do to figure it out.

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