2022 SG Joseph Pinion

hears from asst David Patrick almost everyday and Muss a couple of times a week.

He hears from Ole Miss, Baylor, and Kansas several times a week along with numerous others.

About 20-25 schools a week reach out.

I assume he is a sophmore in high school. Are there any limits to contacts for him?
I think there should be, but I realize it would be hard to enforce.

Coaches could make direct contact with the 2022 kids starting on June 15. Before that his coaches had to be a go between and set up phones calls.

2022 kids are Juniors in HS this fall.

thanks, I was just curious as I would not want my young son to get hundreds of phone calls.

Most of the communication is via Twitter.

That makes sense. It shows my age, I have never been on Twitter.

Texas Tech has offered.

And your a better man for it.

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