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Now that’s some depth. We won’t get tired playing anyone.

I doubt Muss goes 9 deep, and that’s without anyone to back up JWill (be it Kamani or somebody out of the portal). But he could prove me wrong.

So are we assuming Notae is gone since black commited? I don’t think he will come back but I don’t think AB signing has any impact on that decision. I mean we will gladly hand AB 40 min of point guard play regardless. Has notae indicated what he’s doing?

I think he will add a big out of the portal he doesn’t want to get in the situation like this year where we were afraid for Jay will have to set out any. But we will see, he surely hasn’t called me and asked what I thought LOL

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I wonder how this effects Devo? Will be interesting to see

Unless he has a growth spurt, I don’t see Derrian Ford as a forward. Black is built more to play the 3 than is Ford.

Muss likes to play seven. Let’s just say, for kicks, that JD, JWill and Toney all come back. Toss in the the McDonald All-Americans plus Devo, and there is your seven. Some will say we need another big in the rotation. I disagree. What a top seven that would be. 3 Mickey D’s. A returning All-American. A returning All-Sec first teamer that will surely be projected as All-American. And Devo, who played below expectations this year…but was a pre-season 2nd team All-SEC guy and who could easily blossom. Plus Toney…who was as good a defensive player as there was in the nation. There were MANY games he was our MVP.

I’ll take it!!! That would be a national championship contender without question.

If JD doesn’t come back, then it will be a battle for that seventh spot. But we have ALOT of talent to do the battling.

Of course, Muss might expand his rotation. But–I kinda doubt it. He says outloud “I feel comfortable with a rotation of 7”.

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I agree with your thought that Coach likes a rotation of 7. I also agree that the 7 you mentioned would be extremely talented…… perhaps the most talented 7 we have ever put on the court.


  • That would be 4 guards, 2 small forwards, and J Will. Just too thin on the front line to guard and rebound against teams with size.
  • JD isn’t coming back. No inside info here, but it just doesn’t make sense that he would. He’ll be getting paid to play somewhere. Besides, he’s already been a student-athlete for 5 years…… 6 years is just not common for guys good enough to play pro ball.
  • Toney probably isn’t coming back either. No inside info here either, but just a feeling. He, too, could get paid somewhere next year.
  • If Derrian Ford can’t get on the floor next year then, 1) I’ll be shocked and 2) we’ll be even better than I think we’ll be.

They could make more here in NIL than playing G League or some minor league overseas.

Whatever Muss comes up with IMO we need a 6’8’ to 6’10" man to take care of the big Duke had and just rebound at will. I have calmed down since the lopsided loss to Duke. But we have got to get an upgrade in players. And now presto wish granted…

Duke after Coach K’s timeout it was GONE in a flash. Better players and smashed us on the bounce. I have not looked at any box scores but Duke cleaned house on the bounce. We stopped nobody, that created lop sided points in the paint!!

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I wouldn’t think this will affect Devo at all, I believe his best years are still ahead of him and I really like him coming off the bench. We should be so deep that a player shouldn’t come into a game thinking that he has to be spectacular, just come in play his game and contribute.WPS


In spite of some of the ill-advised shots and sometimes heart attack inducing turnovers, Devo to me is a real baller. He makes some of the best assists, always seems to find ways to be in the right place for a loose ball or rebound and appears to be that lock down type of defender. He just seems to have knack for the game, that I think can’t be taught.

While he may prefer starting and more minutes, he is in my opinion a great sixth man that comes in and adds energy and often changes the momentum of the game. Not that their games are similar and I am showing my age, but he reminds me of the role that Hondo Havlichek played with the Celtics for part of his career. He was that in between player (neither a pure guard or pure forward) that came in and brought instant offense. While Devo is not the instant offense kind of shooter, he does bring that energy.


Don’t recall anyone that used the backboard better than “Hondo” , I feel the same way about Devo coming off the bench. WPS

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I think it’s still to early to guess.

Precisely. NIL may be a game changer with some kids leaving early who don’t project in the first round.

No one really knows yet the impact NIL will fully have. Nor do we know what kind of guidelines/rules will emerge to govern NIL. Of course, it already has some positive impact, from the player’s perspective.

I’m in the camp that hopes like crazy Notae and Toney come back. I just think there’s a slim chance for Toney and very, very little chance for Notae.

I don’t see either of them making an NBA roster next year (I actually doubt Toney ever will). But I could imagine them both playing overseas. Many overseas players make $80-200K a year. Some closer to $300K.

Again, who knows what kind of NIL deals will become routine, but for every $100K that a Razorback basketball player would get in NIL deals that is $100K that isn’t going to the Razorback Foundation. Most have already proclaimed the support to “back up the truck” and pay Coach whatever it takes to keep him indefinitely. It just seems unlikely that players will routinely make over $100K each (for example), while at the same time coaches salaries go up…. particularly when the money sort of all comes from the same pot.

Perhaps there’s more money out there than I’m speculating, to keep everyone happy. But when an individual player can make even almost as much (or, certainly, when it’s more) money playing professionally, it becomes a relatively easy decision to leave…… particularly when you no longer have to satisfy academic requirements.

Hog and others, what does this mean? So no classes required (in detail)? Just wondering…

I totally agree until we can get a 6’10-7’0 big man that can impact the game on both ends of the floor I don’t think we can win the NC. They allow you to go inside out on offense and they allow your defense to play extremely aggressive knowing that they’ve got a rim protector to cover them.

We did exceptionally well this year by taking the ball to the rack and drawing fouls but can you imagine how great our offense would have been if we could have thrown the ball inside to someone like the big boy at Kentucky or a Timme that can score and draw fouls.

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NOW look at the 94 Natty year and the roster. What do you see? A blueprint, pretty simple.

Case closed…

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Yep absolutely no weaknesses, we cannot say that this year and haven’t been able to for a while.