2022 Roster--poisitonless basketball!

Recognizing that there can and will be transfers in and out, go pro, etc, as well as the possibility of up to 2 more signees in Walsh and Black. That said, the projected 2022 roster is packed with guys big guards/small forward types who can shoot as well as play multiple spots.

Ford 6-3
Smith 6-4
Devo 6-4
Moore 6-5
Pininon 6-6
Dunning 6-6
Jaxon 6-6
Kamani 6-7
Williams 6-10
Vanover 7-3

There’s a lot of hay to put in the barn between now and then. Let’s enjoy this season and see how our hogs play! I hope they make win the SEC regular season and make a deep run in March.
Notice I didn’t mention the SEC tourney.

I think that would technically be the 23 roster. Muss seems to be loading up on athletic, skilled and versatile mid size players. Just need a couple of rugged, Larry Johnson approved, inside tough guys to go with them

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Agree totally. 1 and 1 would be just fine. Even 0-1 might be OK if it wasn’t against a terrible team that could affect seeding for the real tourney.

The SEC tourney is just a way for the SEC to make money and it’s also another chance for players to get hurt just before the dance.
0-1 or 1-1 makes no difference! There is an exception! If we play Kentucky I would want to win!

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