2022 MLB Draft Rankings...Hogs well represented

ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel ranked his top prospects for the 2022 MLB draft, released July 26th (includes HS and college).

  • Robert Moore, 9th overall

  • Peyton Pallette, 12th overall

  • Cayden Wallace, 22nd overall

Arkansas is the only team with 3 players in the top 22.

Jayson Jones, an Arkansas commit from Texas, is ranked 34th overall.

Brady Slavens is 58th.

Here’s the link (paywall):

It’s worth noting that Wallace might not be eligible for the 2022 draft, unless the draft rules have changed and I’m not aware.

His 21st birthday is Aug. 7 of next year. If the draft is held in July as it was this year, he will be eligible. If it is held in early June as it used to be, he wouldn’t be eligible. The rule is that your 21st birthday has to fall within 45 days of the draft.

I sure hope Pallette is healthy and live up to that high ranking,he’s yet to do that and we really need him and Wiggins to dominate.

Think they’ll move it back to June? It seemed like a lot of college coaches and MLB GMs weren’t super thrilled with the timing of this draft.

I don’t know what they will do. They have been experimenting with the draft for a couple of years. The 2020 draft was going to take place in Omaha the week of the CWS.

Someone who turned 21 on Aug. 7, 2020, would not have been eligible for that year’s draft.

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