2022 kid to watch

RB Jayvean Dyer-Jones, 5-9, 175 of Little Rock Christian.

He’s the cousin of former LRC & Auburn RB Michael Dyer.

Someone I trust told me he’s going to be special. I look forward to watching him this season.

How’d he look? SEC level player?

He’s going very early in the 2020 NFL Draft

Wait, what?


RD, you rock! :grin:

I’m confused as well

You brought the thread up for a reason. I hear things from time-to-time and sometimes the source or sources are right. Time will tell here.

How did he look this past season ?

KYSO recruit

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Right… That’s why I asked if he was good or not. I don’t live in Arkansas and don’t keep up with Arkansas high school football. I remember Dyer and his recruiting vividly

You know we’ll have to fight off the gusbus for him

Woohoo, another bumped thread.

About time for a bunch of us to cancel subscriptions. I started the email but deleted it. Someone is a cancer.

Oklahawg - in fairness to 2009 this is a much different animal than the type of threads you’ve been complaining about.

  1. RD said he heard Michael Dyer’s relative was going to be a special player from someone he trusts.

  2. After the season 2009 bumped the thread to ask how the young man’s season was because 2009 lives out of state and does not regularly keep up with Arkansas HS football.

  3. That also piqued my curiosity because I don’t keep up with HS stats for younger HS players and this state produces so few elite TBs. is there one in the pipeline so to speak?

I wish Richard would answer this one. To me bumping threads of this type - about prospective recruits - is doing the board a service and is a lot different than bumping a thread from months ago about season predictions, who should start at QB, etc.

Sorry guys. I wasn’t able to see them play this year like I had hoped.

My wife has been sick the last two days so I’ve been tending to her.

He played behind two seniors and a junior.

Here’s his HUDL- http://www.hudl.com/v/2CK9ti

He had 59 carries for 341 yards and 5 TDs.

Thanks Richard…

this bump makes a little sense. However, he’s “cried wolf” incessantly so many times that posters now just hate all of his posts. What’s so annoying is readers have no way of identifying the fact that it’s a bumped post. The method of doing this needs to change.

How about this:

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