2021 wing Terran Williams

Will make an unofficial visit to Arkansas on August 9.

Okla. St., Auburn & TCU have offered. Won’t be a surprise to see him get one during the visit on the Hill. Very athletic.

I think he has more upside than Ricks. Really like his long term potential.

I have seen Ricks plenty. Never had a look at Terran. If you are saying that, Terran is going to be special.

The biggest difference is athleticism. Ricks could very well end up just a shooter. Williams has more versatility. We’ll see how Williams’ develops, though. Ricks is ahead of him skill-wise.

While I agree on most of what you’ve said, I don’t see Ricks just being a shooter on the next level.

Get out of here vacation dude

Not saying that I see it either. But, it’s a possibility with his current tendencies. Both he and Terran have a lot of time.

No problem. Can agree to disagree.