2021 v 2022

Been thinking about this. I think there are critical things different. Frist, there were some key players gone between 21 & 22. Just one would be Mr. Burks. All KJ had to do was throw it up and he would get it. Makes it easy on QB. Last year and this year, there were a lot of close games. Last they went the Hogs way. This year they did not. It is a fine line. Last year KJ played all the way (except a few series against A&M). This year, he has been hurt often. Is that from luck or trying to do too much or what? I don’t know. In general, The Hogs avoided the injury bug while this year, it seems to have hit hard. Heck, it seemed they lost a significant part of the defense in the first half of the first game. I also think they were little deeper last year than this at least in experience.

It is such a fine line between winning and losing. They have been on the wrong side of that line this year. People are talking about coaching. That is always the case when games are lost. I can only guess that the coaches have forgot how to coach over the year. They should know that all they have to do is to check this Board. We have several great coaches who in their minds at least, know far better how to coach than the ones the Hogs have and they know all of this without even seeing a practice. Can’t imagine why programs are not knocking doors down to hire them instead of the obviously incompetent boobs that are getting paid millions. Look at the money that could be saved and how much better coaching there would be if they would only read this board!

I have no idea why the Oline would not block Liberty or why the team played down to MO
State. That is concerning.

To me (and I am not one earning millions to coach even in my mind), I think the main difference has been key injuries and perhaps a little over confidence. They for sure need much more and better depth. The only way to get that is in recruiting. Oh yes, and hire the coaches on this board instead of the ones they have (I am sure Auburn has already called several on here).

Really hope they can somehow win one more game. I think it is important to go to a Bowl, any Bowl.

I also think that one play on the goal against A&M that went from 21-7 to 14-14 really hurt this team. I am not sure they ever recovered from it. Of course, we all wish KJ (I am sure he as well) had just lowered his shoulder and got what he could, but he didn’t. Not saying the season is on him and his one mistake, but I don’t think there is any doubt it hurt badly. They went from playing like a good, ranked team to an also ran in seemly one play.


I sure wish we could stop all the insults on people who want to discuss football. Can’t we encourage conversation instead of trying to shush people or shame them? I don’t agree with calling people or coaches stupid, but we should discuss whether it was a good idea or not and why they made it. Just like KJ’s leap at A&M. That was a terrible idea.

Anyway, I hope they can win one more game, get to a bowl, get healthy, kill it in the portal, wrap up great in recruiting, have a phenomenal off season, coaches get better and come back hungry in 2023!

McAdoo has been the shining beacon of hope these past two weeks! He shows what happens when you mix talent with coaching and some opportunity! I really hope we can find a bunch more of those soon!


Jim, I think we benefited from alot more from 5-6 years seniors and leadership last year. and that experience coupled with one big playmaker (Burks) and injuries this year has caused a perfect storm of sorts but the games like Liberty and Mo State and even TAM are standalone issues that have to be fixed by the head coach and what staff he has.

Last year we played with house money and this year the odds returned to more normal expectations. I think Sam will adjust just like Saban and other coaches have had too. Now we need to win these last two and get bowl game practice and build for next year. Spring practice will get here soon enough with more talent on way.


There are no “normal expectations” in the SEC West.

Aloha Jim,
My concerns expressed here after the ATM loss have unfortunately come true. KJ’s inexplicable Superman leap on first and goal from the three has been the watershed moment of this season. Hogs have yet to recover.
Lack of quality depth has always been a weak link for the Razorbacks. The Hogs started the season without their best defensive lineman. Lost their All-American Safety in the first game. Took massive hits in the defensive secondary. Apparently Bumper has been playing injured most of the season. Offensively, KJ has apparently either been playing injured and has missed a couple of games which we lost.
Additionally, it appears the major reason our OL has been impotent the past couple of games is because the opposing defense doesn’t fear the Hog’s passing game and is playing seven in the box with run blitzes.
All of this is probably a contributing to CSP pressing too much on offense with devastating results.
On the bright side, the defense has played marvelously the past six quarters. I guess because of Quincey McAdoo and the younger players learning from hard fought experience.
I am incredibly proud of the tenacious effort the defense has exhibited the past six quarters. IF KJ can play healthy enough, the Hogs can win out. It will force the defense to respect the Hog’s passing game and open up the running game. Lastly, CSP needs to immediately stop pressing and trust in his defense and kicking game.
UA…Campus of Champions

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Lot of learning had to take place on defense. Lost almost every top tackler except Bumper. They lost Catalon, Brown, Utley, Williams, Ridgeway, Carter, Morgan, Henry, Foucha, Brooks on defense. Who expects to replace that and be good?

They lost all the starters at wide receiver or at least the top pass catchers. I don’t believe the blocking of the starting tight end was replaced. The blocking on perimeter has gone from great to below average.

What others have posted are probably among the issues, too. Some are overly sarcastic in their criticisms to the point of being annoying. Probably why Jim wrote what he did. But that’s ok by me. I recognize their methods. We don’t talk to people to their face like that but can here. Nature of beast.

I rarely post and if I do it’s to ask questions. Although yesterday, I felt like posting a bit. I am questioning the coaches and how they get better. Sam is learning to be a head coach and when to make the call on 4th down. The stats speak for themselves this year. No one is saying we should be at 100%. But if you are on the lower end of the spectrum, then your thought process needs evaluation. What I am curious about is how does a head coach get better at making those in-game decisions? And the idea that these coaches can’t learn and adjust is an odd take. Sure they make millions to coach a game we love. And these guys are obviously talented. However, good head coaches learn and modify all the time. Implementing statistics or analytics is a case in point. So how does Sam take the next step forward? Does anyone have that kind of insider knowledge? Or does he only need Jimmy’s and Joe’s?

My guess is he needs better analysts on board to help with his growth as a HC. We need better analysts than we have currently, based on our struggles to start fast in games. We aren’t attacking teams as well as they are attacking us. We aren’t scheming at an elite level. Surely, we can find a few more mismatches. If our QBs can’t throw, then maybe we try a little more wild hog? They used the wild hog for the 2 pt conversion, right? Have we seen it since?

I hope people get that I am not saying our coaches are chumps and need fired or replaced. We are obviously very close to be a good football team. We know we need depth and better talent. But it’s those coaching intangibles that I am curious on how to improve.

Clay, what is your opinion as to why we do not throw more screens to the backs and more middle crossing routes? Is it personnel or just not part of Briles offense?

Last year we were 2-1 in games that could have easily gone either way… Miss St, Ole Miss, and LSU.

This year we are 0-3 in games that could have gone either way… T A&M, Liberty, and LSU.

I know some of this is about coaching, preparation, etc. But some of it is more like luck. Miss St missed a bunch of FGs last year. This year we miss one against A&M by inches. If we beat A&M and Liberty this year our record looks a lot better.


I don’t know. Not sure if I know enough or watched close enough to comment.