2021 Schedule?

Any thoughts on when the 2021 football schedule will be released? It seems last year it was mid to late October.

Considering we are a month away from the start of basketball season and don’t even have a schedule for it yet, I don’t think I would hold my breath on a football schedule. I would think it’s likely to be some time before they make anything official for next year. We probably have many more months of dealing with covid ahead.

We’ll see if any of our experts have a different idea.

I think the existing 2021 schedule isn’t ruled out completely – but it’s written in pencil. Which, in case you’ve forgotten, is Rice, Texass, Georgia Southern and UAPB on the NC slate. Very big question, though, what the SEC will do with the interdivision rotation since Georgia got moved up a year. We were supposed to go to Athens next year.

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Based on what I’ve seen from SEC schedulers, I would assume they will keep that game intact on our 2021 SEC schedule. I can hear the scheduler now, “No harm in putting the Razorbacks on GA’s schedule 2 years in a row, especially since it will be a home game for GA”. :rage:


I would think a tentative schedule will be announced by the end of the calendar year. I don’t think the divisional rotation will change, which means Arkansas would play at Georgia and against Missouri in Little Rock.

What Matt said is what I’ve been told. Of course, I know not to plan on anything.

I tried to do a magazine production schedule last week and realized I was just wasting my time. I’ll have one in the next week or so, but it will be in pencil.


The scheduled dates for 2021 are:

Sept 4: Rice
Sept. 11: Texas
Sept. 18: Georgia Southern
Oct. 23: UAPB

The Texas A&M game is under contract to be played in Arlington on Sept. 25. I could see that date change if the game is moved to Fayetteville, which is expected.

The contract with War Memorial Stadium calls for the Missouri game to be played on either Nov. 26 or Nov. 27.

Texas is in Fayetteville if I recall correct.

Correct. They owe us one from the pounding we took in Austin in 2008.

With the Texas A&M game staying in Arlington, you can pencil in Sept. 25, 2021, for that game. It also means three of the first four games that year will be against old SWC teams.

There are seven weekends available to play the other six games against Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

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