2021 QB offer is cousins with

former Hog QB Greg Thomas. Drones’ father is the DL coach at Shawdow Creek, who went 16-0 this past season.

Greg was besides himself with joy. Very, very stoked. The first question he asked Drones father was “Did he commit?”.

Greg called to inform me about the offer.

Pittman and Briles visited the school on Thursday.

His father is very good friends with former Hog Kirk Collins. They plan to visit in March.

Very impressive highlight reel. Drops back and slings it, can throw on the run, a running threat, and most impressively, keeps his eyes downfield looking to throw when he is moving either forward or laterally.

Hard to believe we are on better looking QB prospects than this guy.

state championship game box score:


good individual stats

Being lazy here, what classification?

5A-division 1 (same as Lufkin, Texas High, Denton Ryan, and Highland Park)

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Without looking it up, I think shadow creek was in 5A in Texas. Same classification as highland park. But it could have been in 6A.

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Amazing talent. Elusive and can flick it on the move with both
distance and accuracy. If we can get someone better than this
young man, we will be uber tough on offense from the QB position.


Dad said 6-3, 200.

That sounds about right based on the highlight reel. A bit slender, but frame looks like he could put on 10-15 pounds of muscle without any trouble.

Uhmmmmm…yes please!

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Kyron commits to Baylor.

Do you think there is any way on Salter? He was the QB I wanted in this class. GHG!

Not expecting that to happen. Lucas Coley is one to watch. He’s announcing May 5.

What’s your gut say here? If he actually has a committable offer I think it’s safe to assume he’s our next QB this class but have no idea how much we actually want him?

Gut= Arkansas.