2021 pledge Duncan Powell has reopened his recruitiment this morning (story)

the 6-7 junior forward from Desoto, Texas, who had been committed to Arkansas

hopefully Muss has the Hogs moving in the direction where recruits won’t see other programs as “bigger and better”.
Not shocked by this one. He was creating a buzz nationally.

Whats your take on this DD?

not sure how he is going to take the reactions generated so far…

I would say my first thought is I can’t believe some adults trash kids for decisions. Happens with all programs, but says more about the adults than it does the kids.

As for Duncan’s decision, he has always been pro-Arkansas and my guess is that he remains that.

I would not be surprised if this is pushed by some around him, but it’s certainly not his high school coach Chris Dyer. I talk to him on a regular basis - he was good friends with my late father-in-law Ben Dial, whose Desoto’s football stadium is named after - and is a big supporter of Coach Musselman and his staff.

Coach Dyer was also Mason Jones’ high school head coach when he was 275 pounds.

I do hate the fact that he seemed so committed just recently and was saying all of the right things and he decommits

but now we have a coach who will have another plan in place and I sure hope there is room for him if he chooses to get back on board…

Duncan Powell committed so early I just assumed the commitment would not last. This is not intended as a negative comment about Duncan, it was just way too soon. Too many things change over one year, much less two.

I saw an article a few months ago that he was considering reclassifying to the 2020 class. Could that be what’s happening? If has enough credits now, (or will have with summer school), and teams have offered him a spot in the 2020 class, he may want to look at other teams who have a spot still open?

He has been so pro-Arkansas, even recently, that this just seems to be totally out of left field.

Fans need to cool it when a guy decommits. He never said he wouldn’t end up here, but I’ve always held the opinion that if they don’t want to be here, then let it be. I’m not going to cry over someone who doesn’t want to be here.

I think every decommit says that the school they previously committed to is still in there. They don’t want to burn any bridges. Reggie Perry said the same. Don’t know if we can hang on to it.

What are the percentages where a decommit signs with the original school? I know a transfer just decommitted from Duke and then committed back within three days. But are there a lot of examples of that happening?

2021 is far away. Muss will find another freshman as good or better than Powell. Otherwise, there is always the portal.

Parting appears mutual to me on further review. ghg

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