2021 Nike EYBL and Peach Jam

finals started today and runs through July 19 while Peach Jam is July 20-25.

Is Bryson playing up on the Mokan 17U team?


Nick Smith had 5 pts vs. Jordan Walsh and Drive Nation

WE WANT JORDAN WALSH!! Of course it is a complete sentence.

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Barry had 5 pts, 5 rebs, 4 asts, 1 stl and a blk.

Arkansas coach Eric Musselman and Argenal watched Bryson Warren, Aidan Shaw and Nick Smith today.

Based on those stats, Jordan is a stat stuffing rebounding machine. He also appears to be a very good passer as he is averaging over 5 assists a game.

Jordan, the Razorbacks need you!

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Maybe Richard can speak to this, but from what I have read and heard it looks like we are in a strong position with Jordan. On one site we are the only school listed as warm with him. He seemingly is one of Muss’s top targets left.

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I think Arkansas is in very good shape. He’s going to get more and more offers over the next few weeks. As far as the warm, I see that and sometimes they’re right on and others they’re way off base.

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Thx, Richard.

I would absolutely love to have Walsh. He is a highlight waiting to happen every time he steps on the floor. It’s probably crazy to think we can pull Wright out of SoCal, but props to Muss for trying. I would be ecstatic to land Walsh, Ware, and a flashy point guard. I have very little faith in Nick Smith staying home, but who knows?

Of the 5-stars we’ve offered and hosted for ‘22, which one is the highest priority? Don’t we have just one spot left? Or would we take all who want to commit and work out the numbers?

Is this a typo? How many FGAs?

I love Bryson Warren. For some reason be doesn’t seem to get the hype that I see others get. It may be because he’s so smooth.

He is a big shot maker and taker. He’s one of my favorite in-state players in awhile. Forget some of the “name” guys people clamor over—this is a guy Arkansas needs. Baller.

For a 2023, he gets a ton of hype from my vantage point. The closest class just dominates the conversation always.

He has Moody characteristics when it comes to approach and demeanor. To your point, smooth. In the end, I have no doubt he’ll be a top 50 player, probably a 5-star. (I know he’s there currently; I’m talking when final rankings hit his graduating year)

The California deal is not as big of an obstacle as it could appear on the surface. He’s a Texas kid. Kinda like someone saying, it may be hard to pull Moody out of Florida when he was at Montverde.