2021 football season

Hunter Yurachek said today that 2021 season tickets for football will be offered near the end of February or in early March with the thought process that full capacity will be allowed.

He also said the football schedule will be released within the next 10 days. The contracted dates for Arkansas are:

Sept. 4: Rice
Sept. 11: Texas
Sept. 18: Georgia Southern
Sept. 25: Texas A&M (in Arlington)
Oct. 23: UAPB
Nov. 27: Missouri (in Little Rock)

The other games will be against Auburn and Mississippi State in Fayetteville, and at Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU.

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Thanks Matt.

One thing that I’ve been curious about is the donation and letter of intent for donations. Will donations be required for ticket purchase? (You would think so.) hmm

But when I review my account and click on Renew My Letter of Intent, I get this message: You have already submitted your 2020 Annual Fund Pledge.

Yeah, my guess is they are waiting to send out both at the same time. They aren’t going to do away with the $12-13M tied to seating, when revenue has dropped $30M to date.

OK so it seems they’re going back to the pre-COVID schedule rotation. At Georgia, Poultry in RRS in 2022, at Florida in 2023, etc.

I think it is pretty optimistic to think at this point that we will be allowed full stadiums by early September. The cynical part of me says this is just a way to collect the money for season tix in Spring and then make it difficult to get a refund when the restrictions occur later. I guess I grow more jaded in my older years…

This is 2021 isnt it?

Yep, and the RF hasn’t started accepting annual pledges/donations for 2021, so the info goes back to one’s 2020 info.

I think it’s a joke playing Georgia again next season! Thanks to the SEC front office.

I don’t want to open a can of worms, but I hate that there are only 2 SEC games in Fayetteville.

Texas helps a lot of course but still… :-1:t2:


Hopefully soon we can drop LR and play Missouri in Fayetteville

That was my point. They should be soliciting 2021 Letters of Intent.

And drop aTm in Dallas and play it in Fayetteville.

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Just a wild guess, we have the hardest schedule in the country again…

Probably. We get rid of Florida and pick up Texass.

Florida was better this year than I expect Texas to be next season, especially in the second game under a new head coach. Texas lost a lot of players early to the draft, but it has to replace Ehlinger at QB. Thompson played well during the bowl game, but he doesn’t have much experience.

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