2021 football Hogs

Since next week is Alabama, I suspect we won’t base too much off this one game, but things I hope to see next year:

  • effective kicking and punting game
  • a Warren like K/O returner and the ability to at least field punts
  • Outley to come in and add a threat a tight end. Henry seems injury prone and Kern has been a trooper, but is hardly a threat.
  • one or more big backs to go with Smith
  • more explosiveness at linebacker
  • an attacking defensive line that is not so easily blocked AND can set the edge
  • either less trick plays, or at least ones that don’t look like they were drawn in the dirt with a stick

Santa, I have been very good, (not really on purpose, but COVID19 really cramps one’s style) so please bring me this. Oh, bring my brother a quarterback who stays healthy all year and completes 70% of his passes.

If a bunch of our seniors comeback, coupled with redshirt and freshmen coming in, you might get your wish.

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