2020 women's commitment


Wow. Impressive, at least if the highlights are any indication.

Oliver Miller.

She takes up a lot of space in the paint and has a very nice passing touch.

“The Big D”???

She has some great moves and nice shot. However, I wonder how she will fit with the much faster pace of the women. I hope she can run. The WBB Program must run, shoot better, and out hustle SEC teams with height advantage to have a chance at winning. GHG!

Suspect they will take a little weight off her to improve her speed, quickness and stamina. If so, she could be a very big get (no pun intended).

Good shooter & passing skills. Assume she is hard to block out under the basket also.
Never doubt Coach N when it comes to recruiting so far.

How tall is she? Nevermind, just saw 6-2.