2020 Tickets

Has the athletic department released any update on tickets for this season? Do the still expect to notify peeps on Wednesday?

Some have already heard, probably higher up the food chain, but Wednesday is the scheduled day.

Guess I’m not very high on the food chain, I’ve ony been giving 40 years!

If I was a betting man, and I am, I’d say that I really don’t think the food chain is made up of links based on time. I think its probably made of links based on amount. As an example of what I mean, lets consider 2 donors (Donor A and Donor B)

Donor A has been giving 4 years but given a total that would in most cases choke a hog.
Donor B has been feeding the hog for 20+ years but just enough to keep him fed, not choke him.

I’d have to guess Donor A get priority over B. Its always about the size of the feed bag.


Pretty easy to look up where you are in the pecking order. It’s all based on a point system. You can see where you are in your donor class, and how many are in the classes ahead of you.

Sure, if you’re a BM Platinum member, you are in the highest category, you’re going to rank ahead of others .

UA has a point system based on years of giving but also amount given. I’m pretty sure those with more points go first in this situation. IIRC you get points for each year you give but $$$ can easily overcome years.

It’s easy to figure out that BM donors are the straws that stir the drinks. For example, when the baseball team makes it to Omaha, who gets tickets from the University? NOT season ticket holders, but BM donors who have probably never attended a baseball game.

Sigh. It would be one thing if season ticket holders were prioritized by their donations, but the current (baseball) procedure is extremely irritating. As for football, that is SOP.

Just got my e-mail.

Received the 2-game package, despite requesting all 5 games.

Just got mine. Requested 5 games, got 3. At least I’m in the lower level.

Does anyone know if the number of members in each classification level is still available? Can’t find it online now that they’ve rolled the Foundation and Ticket Center sites into one.

Got mine a bit ago too, I received my third choice which was 2 game UGA/Bama

got mine today, not where I wanted them, but I’m not complaining at all. If I’m lucky enough to watch the games in person, I’ll consider it a blessing, wear my mask and yell my head off!


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Kinda surprised my seats are in the lower level, given that I only got my third choice (2-game package). That tells me they didn’t just go straight down the line for all requests, but instead tried to make it to where more members could at least see a couple games.

3rd choice-good grief…nevertheless—WPS

Requested 5, got 3 in lower level.

Got a 2 game package, just as I requested.

I put this on the ticket exchange, but I’d like to trade my LSU tickets ( good seats) for UG or Alabama.

Anyone know yet if the tickets will be assigned seats? Or will it be similar to what I’ve heard during other schools games on TV where you are assigned a section and then directed to distance yourselves while finding your own seat?

Got 2 - 3 game packages in upper west level I feel very lucky.