2020 seniors

It is my understanding that all 2020 seniors are eligible to return for an extra year of eligibility and be counted outside of the 85 scholarship limit.

This is MHO with no inside information.
I believe all seniors Arkansas bring back from 2020 will be counted in the 85 scholarship limit. So, I only see Arkansas bring back Ty Clary, Blake Kern, Hayden and Grant Morgan.

Here is why I believe as I do.
In the Summer of 2020 Hunter Yurachek was asking coaches to take a temporary pay cut of 10%. While Hunter himself, took a 15% temporary pay cut.

Arkansas athletic department loss of income for 2020 is going to be substantial.

Scholarships are a relatively minor part of the athletic budget. They listed the value of a UA athletic scholie for 2017-18 at $67,401, but about $42,000 of that was fixed costs that we’re gonna spend anyway. That 15% paycut for Hunter alone would probably cover most of the additional scholarship expense for any seniors who decide to come back.

I believe they will bring back any senior they think can help them move forward next season and not worry about the cost of the scholarships.

Arkansas must make room in the 85 scholarship limit for 25 Initial Counters plus Hudson Clark. This leaves the team with 59 spots fill.

Will Arkansas bring back seniors or run off some underclassman? Arkansas does have some underclassman on the defensive side of the ball that aren’t producing.

I’m curious why, with the opportunity to have more than 85 on scholarship next year, you think we’ll stay with 85. Purely for financial reasons? If so, I agree with Dudley. We’ll keep people we think could help us win and if that takes us to 90 or 92, so be it.

I don’t think - after listening to coaches and administrators - that Arkansas ha any intention of sticking to 85.

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