2020 Schedule

Arkansas will play at Michigan State on April 21 and April 22. Michigan State is returning that series in 2021.

Missouri State comes to Baum on April 14.

As expected, Arkansas will open SEC play at Mississippi State on March 13-15. How’s that matchup for a conference opener?

:astonished: Nothing like jumping into conference with both feet.

Here is the full schedule:

wow Brutal opening to the SEC schedule with 15 of the first 18 against perennial top 15 teams…SEC is a war but that is harder than I can remember.hopefully we can hold our own and close very strong.

When will times be released?

Most of the times are known: https://www.wholehogsports.com/sports/razorbacks/baseball/schedule/

Thanks Matt. The time schedule shows us playing Florida on Thursday-Saturday another has us Friday-Sunday. Which is it?

Good catch. I just fixed that. The series is Thursday-Saturday.

I’m probably the only Razorback fan who enjoys seeing Arkansas play LSU in Baton Rouge. Already have my hotel reservations.