2020 question

since our class for 2019 is almost full, looking ahead to 2020.

i know this changes with attrition and early departures, but right now how many to we expect to sign in 2020?

We stocked up, if all that have committed actually sign with us, on defensive linemen this year. I would expect that every year they look for especially interior defensive linemen. How many will we look to sign for 2020 at the defensive line position?

sigh one qb i assume. wonder if chandler morris might be a walk on since his dad is coach, any comments here?

offensive linemen, seems like we need to sign 5 or 6 next year, and for the next couple of years to build up depth at this position, is that the thinking from the coaching staff?

running back i would think 1 again for 2020.

seems like we need linebackers, corners, and safeties for 2020. how many projected there?

tight end one possibly?

wideouts, how many there? i would think we always look to sign 2 or 3 receivers every class.

thx in advance, i know its early but they are pouring out 2020 offers already and coaches are on the road to see some of these kids.

As of right now there are scheduled to be 22 seniors on the roster for next year before the draft, red shirts, or transfers. 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 3 receivers, 3 tight ends, 2 offensive lineman, 2 defensive tackles (counting Agim but, could be a d-end), 3 defensive ends, 1 middle linebacker, 1 nickel, 2 corners, kicker, and punter.

I would expect to sign a quarterback, 2 running backs, 3-4 receivers, 1-2 tight ends, 3-4 offensive lineman (depending on how the 2018 class finishes), 1-2 defensive tackles, 2-3 defensive ends, 2-3 linebackers, 3-4 defensive backs, and a specialist. That would be anywhere between 21-26 players in next year’s class. Obviously that is a long way away and this is just my two cents for what it’s worth.

Jantzen did a good job in his answer.

I do expect two QBs - one with the last name of Morris who will not take up a scholarship.

I do think Arkansas will sign 25, but so, so hard to figure out as they figure out the team.

It’s interesting to see that you say one will be Morris.
I’ve been playing with the thought and have wondered how both he and Chad feel about it. Idk if I’d want to play for my dad, and also wonder if chad would want for his son to play for him.

It’s an interesting situation, even more so that Chandler will be a high 4 star recruit in all likelihood.

I want him to be a hog, and it seems like he wants to be also, but I would also completely understand if he didn’t, same with chad. It will certainly bring a new angle of criticism for the dense side of the fan base.

I just don’t want him to play against us, so if it’s not us he needs to go to Clemson.

i would think more offensive linemen. the articles say we have now 10 that can practice with colton jackson back.

we lose how many after this year, 3 or 4? 10 less 4 equals 6. we have 3 committed and lets say one more. that leaves ten for next year? and he wants 15 on the roster?

I think they will load up on OL in the 2020 class as they have done with DL in the 2019 class.

Wllace, Froholdt and Gipson are seniors.

Merrick is now a medical redshirt

Malone could request a harship, but is likely done.

So who will be back? :

2019 Scholarship OL: (13-14-15)

  1. Colton Jackson - Sr.

  2. Austin Capps - Sr.

  3. Silas Robinson

  4. Ty Clary

  5. Kirby Adcock

  6. Ryan Winkel

  7. Dylan Hays

  8. Noah Gatlin

  9. Dalton Wagner

  10. Shane Clenin

  11. Joseph Stone

  12. Beaux Limmer

  13. Brady Latham

  14. Likely Juco signee

  15. Graduate Transfer?


  1. Tyler Hall
  2. Audrey Horn

That’s obviously how many were healthy and practicing that day - not the total on the roster.

Arkansas loses five OL, Wallace, Froholdt, Gibson, Malone and Merrick. (M Hardship)

Brian Wallace was in 2014 recruiting class.

They return10 scholarship OL for 2019,and one of those has back issues.

You’re right on Wallace, but I think it is 11 because I believe that Dylan Hays is on scholarship as of last year.

Tough, complicated deal if you ask me. First you have the dynamics of father-son and the pressure there…does he win the job outright but even if so coach is accused of favoritism, if he doesn’t son is mad at dad, what if he wins job but fails and coach has to bench his son…interesting dinner table dynamics there. What about dad’s perspective and the pressure to play or not play your own son and what effect would that have on QB recruiting. You know other schools will be telling kids that if you go to Ark you will be on the bench for 4 years because the coach will play his son. Lot of dynamics on both sides to think through IMO.

Glad it’s not my call.

Hays is on scholarship, But I included Hays in the ten returning OL for 2019.

Hays has a back injury and has play very little if any this year. Froholdt, Clary and Clenin are playing center.

Football and back injuries are not compattible. I havn’t seen any reports when Hays will be able to practice.

Here is a video of Dylan Hays signing a scholarship with the Razorbacks.

https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/201 … igns-hogs/

Yeah, it’s a very interesting situation.

I’m ok with whatever happens because I understand all sides.