2020 QB Jaden Casey visit update...

Some updates from Richard, who is hosting his radio show.

Jaden Casey is the rising junior from Calabasas High School in California that visited Arkansas unofficially today.

His mom had some invention that Wal-Mart snapped up and she spends time in Bentonville marketing that.

Arkansas coaches have gotten involved with Casey, who visited unofficially today and got a Razorback offer - his second offer overall.

Casey was very impressed with the visit, finds the coaching staff very genuine and plans to visit again.

Arkansas is now very high on his list.

Casey will be an early enrollee in January of 2020.

He was able to dunk as a 5-10 seventh grader.

Wow! Obviously a serious athlete! I obviously want to believe we’re headed in a much different direction vs the last several years and with reports like this it sounds more and more likely. Sure hope CM can close on enough of the real players to get the ball rolling.

Great information DD…thanks so much for providing it! Who knows, with as much time as it seems his mom is spending in the area for work that could bode well for us. On a side note, pretty cool story about the kids mom. Would love to know what the invention was that they snatched up.

I’m reminded of a small fact related to the 60s music group the Monkees, for those of us old enough to remember them. Group member Michael Nesmith, who grew up in Dallas, is the son of the woman who invented Liquid Paper. Some of our posters aren’t old enough to remember that either, but it did wonders for those who had to type for a living on typewriters before computers took over. So Mike had plenty of money and could focus on music and other creative pursuits. Sounds like Jaden Casey may be in a similar situation. A lot of quarterbacks come from wealthy families, too – Johnny Manziel, Nick Foles, Matthew Stafford.

That explains why I was not a QB… :smiley: