2020 NBA Draft

Just saw that the draft lottery is indefinitely postponed, and that the actual draft won’t happen until August or September. Insiders, don’t you think with that much uncertainty, and with his draft grade in the 2nd round, that it’s more than likely that Isaiah comes back?

There’s a lot of uncertainty on both sides of his decision. It’s probably more certain there will be an NBA season than a college season, but who knows? What Joe may be weighing is which is the better situation. To possibly sit out a college basketball season but get another year toward his degree. Or, possibly sit out most, or all, of an NBA season, but get some measure of 2nd round pay for doing so. The worst thing about his situation is he’s going to have to make a decision before knowing the answers to those questions.

This stupid virus situation is creating uncertainty in most everyone’s decision making. So much unknown right now.

Hello, Harley. The problem I see is that even if he is eventually drafted in the 2nd round, there are no guaranteed contracts after round 1. That’s what makes me wonder what in the world Mason was thinking. Of course I selfishly hope Isaiah comes back. One more year working with Muss on his handle, strength, and ability to drive and draw fouls should turn him into a lottery pick in 2021.

Maybe Mase thinks he’ll get a two-way contract for the G League which will pay better, and he’ll work on his game there.

I don’t see how he could have been a lottery pick if he’d come back though. He could reduce his turnover rate, but he’s still going to be limited defensively and he’s not going to get a lot more athletic.

Hello, Swine. I was not saying that another year would make Mason a lottery pick. I was referring to Isaiah.

Ah okay. I’m not seeing that either, really. Zay is a 3 and D guy who might be valuable on an NBA roster, but one of the top 14 picks? Not likely IMO.

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