2020 kicker Cole Steed of Glen Rose got leg


Went to high school with his dad. I’m rooting for this kid to make it to the Hill!

With a leg like that and the range he can go play anyone! I sure hope we see him play in a Hog uniform!

OK. Can he play now? Heck, we could not make them from 20 in spring game.

Hey, l’m excited too, but we only saw him kick one. That means he has distance and could possibly handle kickoffs when the time comes. It’s been awhile since we have had someone that seemed to regularly put the ball deep into or through the end zone on kickoffs. What we do not know about is his cosistancy. Consistency is what for us has been missing for awhile. Without it dependability is not existent.

I truly hope this young man is the real deal. I hope he keeps working on what appears to be an amazing skill and becomes everything expected of a great kicker. And yes, would it not be nice to see him sign as a Razorback if things really continue to work well for him. :slight_smile: