2020 guard Payton Brown will

Will play for Team SuperStar South. That’s who Moses Moody played with last year.


Awesome, thanks for the update TRG!

I thought Moses was a Wing and excuse buy I never heard of this team on the circuit the only major teams I heard of out of Arkansas are the Hawks and the Wings. So Richard what’s your take on this team?

Wrote several stories with Moses playing with Team SuperStar. The 2020 team was very good with wing Jerry illiya, 6-5, 180, center Jonathan Aku, 6-10, 200, forward Donald Ghostone, 6-7, 160 and guard Madison Pearson, 6-2, 170. All of these guys will play D-I

Really excited to see Payton play this spring. Also, I saw recently where Team SuperStar South is now part of the UnderArmor Association. I wondered if that team would stay intact. Seems now that it will.