2020 guard Payton Brown visiting

for the Kentucky game tomorrow night.

Richard how does this kid compare to Austin Reeves?

Payton is thicker - 200 pounds while Austin is at 179.

Austin is taller - 6-5 to 6-3, but obviously Payton is just a sophomore in high school and Austin a sophomore in college.

Both are able to spot up and both are able to get their shot off the dribble.

Austin is averaging 8.5 points this, 5th for Wichita State this season.

Payton already has his qualifying score, something it took Austin deep into his senior season to do.

So he is likely to end up with more options than Austin did out of high school.

Obviously Austin has succeeded on the college level

I’ve haven’t seen Payton play other than video, but the little bit I have I would say Austin is more of a combo and Payton is a SG.

As of now Payton would love to be a Razorback if you follow him on Twitter.

Interested to see him play AAU ball this summer.

Don’t know how 2020 plays out. At this time, Moody and Doakes seem like must gets. Then there is Bryce Thompson, Chris Moore and Khalen Robinson. And now there is Payton. And we have what just two schollies for 2020? Plus we got to get some bigs.

So true. Everything is speculation right now.