2020 forward Chris Moore

will make a visit to Arkansas on Dec 9 with his family.

Oklahoma State is supposed to be at the school on Monday.

Do you think Moore will either grow enough to be a power forward or have the skills to play out on the floor? The video I’ve seen of him he looks like a 6-6 guy who seemed to score primarily right around the basket. I know he’s young.

He’s really working on being a three. Unless he grows more that’s what he’ll end up playing.

You’re right, he is young and he has plenty of time to grow more or develop his skill set however. There also nothing wrong with being this type of player: https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/pl … son-1.html

Is he similar to Corliss?

No. Corliss was bulkier and more physical. Chris knows he needs to handle the ball better so he can play the three in college. I wouldn’t bet against Chris because he’s such a hard worker and intense on the floor.

I think he is more similar to Aaron Ross than he is to Corliss. Without all the injuries Aaron would have been one heck of a player IMHO.

When it comes to style of play, Chris is more like Corliss than Ross. Ross was a skill guy. Moore is all about power, at least right now. Moore is also more athletic than Ross was/is.

From the one time I saw him last year, he was a man among boys. His game was more power and he has it. His game reminds me more of CW than Ross. I have no idea how good he will be as he develops. But he is certainly a top recruit in his class.

While I agree style of play is similar, I’m not sure I see Chris playing the four in college. I think he’ll have to play the three the majority of the time because his body (as of now) isn’t suited for the four in college. Could change if he keeps growing and adds bulk which I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility.

I have a question on this, for both you and Razor. A few years ago when Future 150 posted their 2020 Rankings. Moore was ranked in the Top 10 (both Moody and Doakes were in Top 25) and it said with his skill set and expected size (they said 6’10 - 6’11) he could end up the number 1 prospect. Is he working on the outside because he is looking at being an above avg size SF?

I think it’s because he hasn’t grown as projected.

Yeah, I’ve said this since the first time I saw him. When you see a kid that physically mature that young, there’s a great chance he won’t grow much taller. It’s not always the case, but it’s often. That’s one of the reasons I’ve said that I like Moody more as a prospect. Moore still has time; we’ll see, but I think there’s more chance that he continues to become more muscular and bulky rather than tall. If he works hard, he could become a great power wing like Wayne Selden. But, I think there’s just enough of a chance that he becomes an undersized four like the player linked, Bonzie Colson.