2020 draft really sucking

5 rounds and monetary decrease, really strange and could impact DVH and Hogs favorably:

As a one-time deal, it might favorably affect the Hogs. But if MLB contracts the size of the minors, which seems to be linked to this draft revision, that could impact the entire sport of college baseball as players who used to get a shot at pro ball now find themselves with no place to play after college. Maybe they’ll decide to play something else instead, where they’d get full scholarships before trying the pros.

All we can do is wait and see, anyway.

There are two choices for coaches here. Tell some current players they won’t have room or some incoming freshmen the same thing. You will not get Brooks, Winn, Wallace, Wohlgemuth, Hence, Griffin and maybe Wiggins to go become a redshirt. Some wouldn’t, of course, but these players aren’t going to school to redshirt. Heard folks talk about Hodges from this year but he isn’t close to the level of this class. 2020 draft for both HS and college may be one of best in last 10 years. Those signees mentioned above would not lose a year of development to redshirt. All of them had potential to get $750k or more in regular draft situation. And they get to playing and begin development. College isn’t a development situation when rosters are expanded due to this. Life is a bigger issue in these tough times so perspective is needed. But these high level athletes need and want development, not “making strides in fall but going to redshirt” speech. JUCO will be a spot for several I would bet.

It looks like there will be a draft in July, according to this story at ESPN.com. Signing bonuses will be limited to $100,000 now with any amounts above that for the Kjerstads of the world payable in July 2021 and July 2022. But the commissioner could reduce the 2020 draft to as few as five rounds.

Which appears to be the same info in the OP. I guess this is kinda confirmation

This is going to be a roster nightmare for coaches who expected to lose X-number of juniors, and we still don’t know how the NCAA Division I Council will vote on whether seniors (or others) will get an extra year of eligibility.

Odds are those two Power Fives are based in San Francisco and Chicago.

The reason that no one may get a year is that they’re seriously concerned that there will not be a college football season in 2020. At all. No football, no money, and how do they pay for the scholarships they have, much less an extra year for seniors?

Some teams are ready for their seniors to graduate (or at least be gone). In almost every case in the SEC as far as baseball, an incoming freshman might be more talented than a senior. Arkansas has zero seniors on scholarship this year, so not one would of those would require money from the school. There are hardly zero seniors on scholarship at any of the other baseball schools. Might be one or two scattered about with 1/3. But if they were studs, they didn’t come back this year. And, won’t next year. They will be replaced by a highly talented freshman.

For instance, Cole Austin is a walk-on. And, I am guessing there are going to be newcomers arriving in August who would play ahead of him.

Seniors usually aren’t the issue. It’s the juniors

They were discussing this today on ESPN radio. The abbreviated MLB draft, if the commissioner decides to cut it off at five rounds, would basically force any high school player who would have been taken in the sixth round or later to go to college, and they weren’t sure college rosters would have room for all of those players. Of course we know that DVH trims down his roster after fall ball every year, so this is not exactly new for him. He’ll just have to do more of it under this scenario.

If this happens, there is going to be a flood of high school players going to junior college.

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