2020 BB prospect Chris Moore

West Memphis freshman power forward Chris Moore, 6-6, 210 had 15 points and 10 rebounds in a lopsided loss to LR Hall during a benefit game Monday night. He’s definitely one of the top in-state prospects in his class.

He attended Arkansas’ Elite Camp Aug. 1. He’s passes the eye test even at his age.

Dudley and I were impressed with his game.

Richard, a few weeks ago I had asked you if Colin Moore of NLR will be the next Arkansas target for Calipari. I meant to ask if Chris Moore would be the next target. Some people in Memphis area say this kid will be very highly recruited. I was told he wants to go to Kentucky.

He has the capability of being highly recruited. He obviously has to develop his game and continue to grow.

He wouldn’t be the first kid enamored by Kentucky.

Richard, don’t know how true this is, but one of the recruiting services said this kid had family members that were Tar Heels and he leaning that direction. AR wasn’t even mentioned in the article, neither was KY. Is he a Tar Heel legacy?

He has had family play at Tennessee and North Carolina.

Also his family is friends with Sonny Weems

In our discussions, he has expressed the most love for Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina.

But per the people around him, he is not leaning anywhere, which makes since because he is - after all - just in the ninth grade

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … attention/

Would you call it a coin flip at the moment? Or still too far out to know?

Way, way, way too far out to know.

He’s got 4 high school seasons left.

I’ve heard from another source this kid has stated he was interested in North Carolina because his cousin was a star player there, and he wanted to.be greater than him. Signing this young man is going to be challenging. It’s obvious living so closely to Memphis another larger city in a bordering state opens up an assorted can of worms. I would not be surprised if he knows verry much about UA sports. One good thing, CA has time to work on him to change any negative perceptions he has about the UA and Northwest Ark. You do remember before CNR there existed a great divide between Northwest Ark and Norrheast Ark as it relates to athletes playing basketball on the hill. The 2016 team successes will go a long way in bridging this young man interest in Hawgball. I do remember reading a statement where he was quoted saying he was coming back.

He knows a lot about Arkansas basketball and players. He reeled off several great players - several of them who played before he was born - when we were talking outside of the interview

So I don’t think that is an issue at all.

And he has people around him that love Arkansas.

Not saying he is going to sign here, just noting that is not a factor.

I’ve heard the Marion kid is very, very good, too. The state keeps cranking out great hoops talent.