2020 Baseball Schedule

When is the baseball schedule coming out? Looking forward to making some trips from Fort Worth.

Last year it was released in early September.

Matt, did they change the date for the fall scrimmage with mobilehoma?

From what I understand it has not been finalized because of the uncertainty about the San Jose State game time on Sept. 21. It sounds like Arkansas is apprehensive about scheduling a baseball scrimmage that day and would prefer to play the night before, but Oklahoma cannot miss classes to play an exhibition, making Friday night somewhat difficult. The last I heard was that they were aiming for a late start Friday.

And then the next year, you can travel 15 miles and see some GREAT college baseball involving the Hogs . . .

https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/1/5/1816 … rs-stadium

Can’t wait for the 2021 tournament. Planning to go to Houston in Feb 2020.