2020-21 season review: Jalen Tate

A review of Jalen Tate’s season if you’re interested:

If we’re interested? Scottie, I may be the only one on the board reading them (nah, not a chance!) but I must say that these capsules you are doing are pure gold! Thanks!

I know there’s a lot going on and a lot of looking toward next year, which I’m all about. Just want to put one more spotlight on the guys from this season.

Jalen and Justin will always have my gratitude for taking a leap of faith and grabbing a seat on the Muss Bus. And they got/gave us quite a ride!

I’m reading them Hawgslobber, not always immediately but I eventually get to them.
Have commended Scottie for his fine work also.

I understand PPP stats don’t tell the whole story, but…

Was shocked to see our team offensive & defensive PPPs were both better with Tate OFF the floor than ON. :scream:

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