2019 Recruiting rankings

https://www.perfectgame.org/rankings/Re … kings.aspx

This is not a great class coming in on paper.7th in the league is not as good as I thought it would be hard for me to see how do we not have a top 5 every yr!I mean we have the facilities,CWS History…I don’t get it…I know we have a great 2020 class but I feel that needs to be the norm…I wonder how does Vandy recruit as well as they do?? I mean their field is not all that great and they have no better History than we do…

Youtheman, if I was as dissapointed as you are, I would move to Tn.

Not disappointed at all because it’s hard to tell what you have in each class just don’t really understand with all the great facilities we have an our great history why we can’t have a top 5-10 class every year…I don’t see how Vandy does it is all I’m saying especially considering it’s tough to get in Vandy…

I believe Matt said in another thread that baseball recruiting is much harder to rank than football & basketball. I’m not at all worried about DVH’s recruiting. He seems to have been adequate the last 15 years or so.

Private schools like Vanderbilt, Stanford, Rice and others for years have been able to circumvent the 11.7 scholarship limitation through endowments that are available to players.

Take the recruiting rankings with a grain of salt. The 2015 class was ranked in the 40s and included Knight, Campbell, Cole, Koch, Loseke, Reindl, Scroggins and Murphy.

The 2014 class was ranked No. 1 by some publications, but a lot of the top players in that class did not pan out.

I think this year’s class is going to have at least four or five players who are able to contribute for three years, as long as they make it to campus. There only appears to be one or two draft risks.

The 2019 class is pretty much the final one with Tony Vitello’s influence. He told me a few years that they had shifted their recruiting focus less on players who were highly rated and would be draft risks, and more toward players who projected to reach their potential at 19-20 years old, and would be high draft choices when they were 21. The players who were drafted last year are the perfect example of what he was talking about. Most of those players were not highly coveted out of high school, but they all received really nice bonuses after going in the top 20 rounds.

Curious as to how many SEC programs talent levels, especially pitching talent, were more successful this year, because of top talent that decided to either turn down the draft right out of High School or decided to turn down the draft and return to the school for another season.
Also curious as to How many players that that we recruited, that were highly rated and drafted high by MLB, decided to come to AR and turn down the draft??

Matt why does Vandy and other private schools get to do that doesn’t seem fair.