2019 QB Ty Evans has committed to Arkansas (story)...

been here visiting the last few days.

Nice get for the Razorbacks.

The 6-2 177-pound signal caller from Monument, CO, threw for 3,150 yards, 31 touchdowns and 5 interceptions last season

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … -ty-evans/

Good news. I think with the events of the last few days, everybody should be cautiously optimistic and at the same time welcome him with open arms.

Have to admit that I don’t stay as connected to recruiting news as I once did, or maybe it’s something else you refer too; however, would appreciate an explanation of these events.


a good get.
Welcome aboard!

Just speaking of the de-commits by tight end Luke Ford and basketball player Reggie Perry. Both committed early and then de-committed. Not taking a shot at Ty Evans, but more of a perspective of Hog fans being happy for this commitment yet cautiously optimistic that we keep him.

I would think that since his parents are relocating to the area he attends college that the chance of a decommitment would be very small. You can’t make plans of moving; quit job, get new job, sell house, buy new house, very quickly or cheaply.

True, and NWA has much to offer.

The kid’s soph tape was pretty impressive. We will have to fight hard when more people see him, but we’ve had good success with QB recruiting under BB, so there is every reason to feel good about keeping Evans in the fold.

I just watched his HUDL highlights. If you aren’t excited about this kid, just go watch his highlight video and you will smile.