2019 qb question

It’s pretty easy to see they are hot on the recruiting trail after 2020 qbs, with multiple offers and new ones coming out each week.

I’ve noticed a lot of stagnation in the 2019 qb search, no offers or visits to schools of them. Other than KJ Jefferson. I’m just wondering, if his visit went so well, and they aren’t actively pursuing other qbs from the looks, is there a sign of a silent commit?

I may just be over looking other 2019 qbs they are visiting, but it just seems pretty quiet. I know KJ had a really good time and has been back for a second visit, that’s usually good I assume.

Any info you can give?

Not aware of him being a silent commit. He told me at the spring game he planned to announce this summer. Nothing I’ve heard makes me think Arkansas has slipped with him.

Ok, just was thinking this because of very little movement with 2019qbs besides him.

Of course you have Gunnel and Jacob Zeno is another.

Ok, didn’t know if Gunnel was being pursued still.

Zeno is one I haven’t heard of, thanks.

I would to see Jefferson commit, but I also think that we need a really good backup QB active every year. If we always carry at least two game ready and capable QBs each year l believe our offense is styled to allow the #2 QB some decent playing time in a lot of the games.

I think they will land Jefferson.

That would mean you would have:

KJ Jefferson
Ty Storey
Cole Kelley
Daulton Hyatt
Connor Noland
John Stephen Jones
Austin Aune
Carson Proctor
Jack Lindsey

Not sure you need to add yet another QB when you have so many needs elsewhere.

I sure hope there are at least three SEC starting level QBs from that group.

Don’t you think two of those guys will transfer though?

Lotta Scholly’s tied up in one spot.


That would be unreal to have 9 scholarship QB’s. I don’t see that happening.

It wouldn’t. 3 of those are walk ons

Two comments:

Our coaching staff must think that we already have on the team some current good candidates to cover our near term future for them to back off on 2019 QB recruiting.

There definitely should be some reduction in the number of scholarship QB’s. That can come through transfer or as mentioned in another thread, use them as great athletes better suited for other positions on the team.

I am sure our coaching staff has a plan to get and keep things in balance.

Yep they are. 6 would still be a stretch!

You can guarantee JSJ isn’t taking up his scholarship spot, so 5 is he probable number.

Well he took an official visit, so JSJ isn’t a walk on

Yes I know, and he was offered a scholarship. But accepting it once you get on campus is another thing. We, the public often do not hear of it, but the kids from very wealthy families do not always accept their scholarships, it’s fairly common. I’m sure that’s the case, I believe Dudley eluded to it the other day in a comment as well.

The likely hood that Storey and Kelly both stay after this season is slim to none… Whoever looses the job this summer finds themselves on the outside looking in and I think will transfer