2019 Prediction

Portland State - W

Ole Miss - W First time we start 1-0 in conference play since the Petrino years.

CSU - -W and better be



Kentucky L

Auburn L

Alabama L

MSU UPSET Catch them at perfect time and they will be way down on defense



Missouri W I like the transfers we brought in better than Bryant and I expect our stud pups to play big by the end of the year. Also expect probation ridden Mizzou to be playing out the string


I hope you’re right.

I’m going to set my expectations at 5-7, and pray to be underestimating. I think this team should win 6, any less will be because of poor execution.

If we win any less then that… things won’t be looking great. Recruiting will take a huge hit.

I am not ready to predict a jump from 2 wins to 7, but I am sure the coaches, players and fans would be happy about that.

I am not sure i see more than 5 right now b/c we are so weak on the LOS and that is where you win and lose games,should win the OOC games and 1 SEC maybe 2 to give us 6 but our defense has a long way to go with all our youth in the secondary and lack of LB depth.