2019 guard reports offer from Arkansas


ESPN profile: http://www.espn.com/college-sports/bask … -armstrong

Transfer story: http://www.mlive.com/sports/flint/index … eaves.html

Getting a roster full of these top 75-120 guys, plus the top instate guys will get this program in the top 25 every year as well as the tournament. Thats what has been missing for the most part of the MA tenure so I hope we continue to see this kind of recruiting.

Terry said he’s looking to visit this summer. Nothing certain but considering it.

Winning and making the Dance is the first part of landing top talent! Mike Anderson has accomplished that. The other part that may help even more is Arkansas has not been mentioned in the trash that has gone on in the corruption of college basketball.

I will reiterate that 2016 was the first class that Mike was able to recruit from a position of strength, having made the tournament and having SEC POY in 2014-15 The results are indicative with two straight tournament appearances.

Sometimes you need luck to get it going. Portis staying home and bringing Kingsley with him provided that lucky break with the class of 2013.