2019 Commit

Little Rock Christian sophomore catcher Cason Tollett just announced his commitment to the Arkansas Razorbacks on Instagram.

He is the third catcher Arkansas has received a commitment from in that class.

I spoke to Cason this afternoon. Here is a little more on him: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … k-catcher/

Isn’t it a bit early to take a commitment for the 2019 class?

Not any more. DVH has commented on the necessity of offering younger and younger kids. If they can offer to the “young-uns” then those kids can commit. Of course, nothing is binding until that LOI is signed. And with baseball, even a signed LOI means nothing if the kid decides to go pro.

Baseball is different in this part of recruiting than football and basketball. Baseball has to allocate money as well as offer scholarships. The trend in baseball recruiting is to find young kids that have little to project to play on college level. If a 15 yr old throws 91 (Blake Adams) then coaches don’t have to project whether he will throw hard enough in college. The vast majority of kids will still get offers and commit later in high school.

The two AR kids that have committed from 2019 class both had interest from other SEC and P5 schools. If AR didn’t offer someone else would. I don’t think the coaches like having to offer the young kids but it is part of the recruiting process now. Go look at the commit lists of other P5 schools and you will see a small number of 2019 kids already locked up.

On the flip side, some pitchers reach their ceiling in high school. But you are right in that this is the norm in baseball, where most players have committed prior to their junior year.