2019 class size

As of right now, including 2019 commits, there are 89 players scheduled to be on scholarship next year. How are we going to be able to sign up to 29 players? That would require 13 more players to either go pro or transfer. That seems like a long shot to have that many transfer.

Best way I can say it is they simply have a plan on how it is going to occur.

For example with year round classes being taken by athletes in this day and age, some of the juniors will have degrees and go play a year or two elsewhere, just as Will Gragg is doing with his last two years.

Some who are not looking to leave will be advised to pursue things elsewhere.

Scholarships are one-year deals.

It’s a fine line because of APR, but it can be massaged into 85 while doing what is best for the program.

Overall, tough decisions have to be made for the good of the program.

Nolan said it best. The numbers will work themselves out.

Has there ever been a situation in any sport where Arkansas didn’t get the numbers right?

I guess I missed something, 29? Is there a link :shock:

Here you go, from Mr. Davenport.


I thought scholarships were a 4 year deal now, that it changed a couple of years ago? Can someone clarify please.

On the A&M telecast it was reported Ty Story graduated in May 2018. I wouldn’t bring Story back next year if this is accurate information. Best guess is Pully goes pro, this opens up two scholarships.

I’m fairly sure scholarships are optional whether for one or four years.
NCAA rule 15.02.8

Ill caveat this like I always do: I’m nowhere near an insider.

Your calculation has start with how many turn pro early, the most likely of which are Agim, Pulley, and Harris. I’m gonna guess only one heads to the draft. From there, my best guess is one of the RBs transfers, two QBs, two WRs, one OL, two DBs, two DL, and two LB. I’ve got a list of names that can make sense of the numbers.

https://informedathlete.com/the-facts-a … olarships/

So, if I am academically eligible and have met all of the school’s athletic/university policies, a coach can’t away my scholarship if I am an initial qualifier, correct?

Take away.

Asked to move on.

Mutually agreed to part ways.

All get to the point no matter how it is dubbed.

But the point is, if you wish to stay, you know love the Hill, they can’t force you to “part ways” , unless you agree to.

They can assign you to washing out jock straps until you get the hint.

I doubt that very seriously, the publicity would be a killer. I fully expect that those wanting and needing to go will find common ground, but if someone wanted to finish here, and was in good standing, they can’t force you out.