2019 big has Hogs in top 5


BIO:http://dscfalcons.com/sports/mbkb/2018- … hadim_pzwx


RD are we legit after this dude? I always wanted MA to go after him but his staff never did for whatever reason.

More background: https://www.news-journalonline.com/spor … tona-state

Yes McPherson posted on Twitter that we got in late on the Top 5 because “of the vision that Musselman has for Sy”, or something like that.

So much BB recruiting information. I’m not used to this.

The super recruiter at LSU may be a little scared to make another huge offer that is as much as rookie minimum so the hogs might have a chance.

On paper, he’s hands down the best 2019 “big” prospect I’ve seen mentioned on here. He would be a great pick-up for CEM if he could land him for the Hogs.

He’s taken a very strange route to get to where he is now. I’d love to hear the “skinny” on his 3 year adventure.

He’s moved around quite a bit, That might of scared MA.

I always wondered. Before Mike was fired and we were talking about Gueye, I looked to see Gueye’s stats and his ranking in the JUCO rankings. I noticed the two guards and Sy also being ranked. I wondered why we never offered all four of the teammates. I assumed someone watched a live game or practice when scouting Gueye, so I’d assume they saw the others. The article you listed actually has a fifth teammate that is D1 committed. I’m curious if Musselman maybe interested in either Gueye or the kid that committed to Buffalo, since Oats is now at Bama.

I have a feeling that AD has taken the shackles off risk free recruiting or Mussleman is going to take more risks than Mike did. I think this is what one of our posters Hawgjawbend was looking for.

I doubt Hunter took any shackles off. I would imagine Hunter trusts Musselman until he shows otherwise.

Mike took some kids that weren’t angels. Don’t kid yourself.

I am aware of that. I brought it up because you mentioned that it may have scared Mike off.

He’s well travelled, but one of the best things about him is, he’s a JUCO that we don’t have to worry about the dreaded SEC required math course. He was a full qualifier coming out of high school.

Interesting…do we know if Musselman is still interested in Gueye? Sy’s teammate, Bryce Williams, signed with Ole Miss and pretty sure Gueye had an offer there as well.