2019 Basketball recruits

As of now, we only have one player inked for the 2019 season and that is Justice Hill whom is already on campus. Now that Musselman is here…do you think he can attract some more players for next season. How many players who fit are left and how many scholarships do we have to give?

Right now he numerically has two scholarships to offer - the one Daniel Gafford had and the one Keyshawn Embery Simpson has and will give up as he transfers to join his former AAU coach at Tulsa.

Khalil Garland has not played his first two years on campus due to a medical issue and it appeared he was headed for a medical redshirt with the old staff.

There are 11 current scholarship players and three walk ons.

Coach Musselman has met with his new players as a group and is in the process of meeting with them individually.

He said yesterday that he thought all would stay.

But we’ll see if that is the case and if there are any spots he wants to clear up for others in the 2019 or ultra-talented 2020 class.\

As for fit, he has been watching tape of Arkansas for two weeks so I am sure he has an idea.

Dudley to me something that really excites me as a fan is how much he wanted this job. He wouldn’t have watched tapes for two weeks otherwise. Pretty impressive!

That stood out to me as well. I agree impressive. Reminds me of the Neighbors hire. Excited and wanted to be here

Wow, if all the current players (minus KES) stay and Musselman adds a couple of really nice transfer players this spring, Arkansas could be really, really good next season. Like possibly Top 10 nationally good?

I’m still holding out hope that Garland will finally get to play for Arkansas next season.

I’m not quite sure how the process works. Is Garland taking up a spot?

Khalil Garland is on scholarship right now.

If a decision is made to move him to a medical redshirt, he will not count as one of the 13 the NCAA allows you to have.

He needs much more than Justice added to the returnees to get into the upper half of the SEC, much less the top ten. The returning team is weak at power forward and center is missing any long lanky small forwards and is very weak at the free throw line. Reggie Chaney has a chance to be special and may blossom in the new system but the rest of our returning front court are mostly projects. That is where help is needed first. Maybe Olu and Ali will suddenly become complete basketball players over the summer, but that would be a huge upgrade and is not likely. We have no outside shot at point guard, few guards who can break down a defense and attack the basket, and last year we had to get very hot and stay hot from the three line to be competitive (see our upset of LSU) and you cannot sustain just that consistently. This team played well against teams ranked in the top 60-70 in college basketball for two games in the NIT. There will have to be some major talent additions and development to leap from there to the top twenty. Hope CEM does all of that and more. JMVVVVVHO.

I don’t think Obukwelu is as bad as you think. From AR site:

Earned American Southwest Conference All-Conference Team honors at Texas0-Tyler after setting an ASC single-season record for shooting percentage (.678) … Also a member of the ASC East Division first team … Selected to the Small College Basketball Watch List for the Bevo Francis Award of 2018, the top player who competes in the affiliations of NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA Division I, NAIA Division II, USCAA and NCCAA … Was a three-time ASC Player of the Week … He led his league and ranked sixth in DIII … He averaged 19.6 points per game – second in the ASC – and 7.8 rebounds … Was back-to-back ASC East Player of the Week … First honor (Nov. 20) came as he recorded 28 points and 13 rebounds then had 26 points 16 boards in Saturday’s 86-68 victory at Southwestern …. The following week (Nov. 27) he scored 27 points and pulled down 12 rebounds in the Patriots’ 92-81 win at Austin College … Third honor came on Jan. 15 as he averaged 27.5 points and 10.5 rebounds per game in a pair of ASC wins over Louisiana College and Belhaven at home.

He sat out because he transferred, not because he was a project that couldn’t play

Obukwelu put up some good numbers at UT-Tyler, but UTT is Division III. Hitting .678 from the field is pretty impressive at any level though, so maybe he has some D-I skills.

It will be interesting what happens with him… from what I’ve been hearing, the decision not to play him was more-so a Coaching Staff decision. It was told to me as if the Doctors put it up to the Coaches… and said he was “healthy enough” to play. This may be totally un-true, but relatives of the kid seem to think he could be playing. Idk.

I always thought it was weird (without knowing for sure what his exact ailment was) that he did all the other things in practice that made him expend a lot of energy and pushed him to the limit energy-wise but he didn’t do the contact stuff.

I don’t know if it will translate to DI, DIII is a different animal, but he’s not like Ali. He isn’t playing because he transferred. Ali isn’t playing because he’s not ready. If he had transferred last year, I bet Obukwelu would have got minutes this year.

Exactly. Ibby is a project. Not sure if Obukwelu is ready for the SEC, but he’s closer to being ready than Ibby is.

No, no, no.

It is a health issue, not an Arkansas issue.

He has not practiced per se, he has gone through some drills, all non-contact and all approved by doctors.

What he does on his own is between him, his parents and the doctor.

He will never play here. I was told this from a member man staff. The chance of a huge liability suit is too great should he have a health issue on the court. They want him to take medical hardship and he does not want to. If he is serious about playing ole ball he needs to transfer.

Too bad for the kid. LR Parkview should have discovered this before ever came here.