2019 Arkansas basketball recruiting notes...

• I’m sure that many of you noticed that Arkansas did not bring in former Little Rock Parkview standout and current Holmes Community college forward Javon Franklin this weekend for his official visit.

The Razorbacks have decided to move on from Javon and get what that believe will be instant impact players for next season.

I believe it is a combination of the fact they are a little worried about his recovery from injury and how they believe they HAVE ABSOLUTELY GOT to get guys that can put the ball in the basket.

• It should become clear in the next week or so, which of the numerous names that are out there are going to be the main targets.

• It appears they are going into the spring signing period April 17-May 15 with plans to sign at least three guys. That could change if anyone decides to leave of their own , of which there are none are expected to as of this minute.

• If Gafford goes, as is expected right now, they want to bring in two big guys. If for some reason he doesn’t, you are likely looking at one.

• Obviously Khalil Garland’s situation is probably going to be solidified one way or the other - the issue cleared up on medical redshirt.

• Jordan Phillips’ scholarship, currently with Johnny Holmes this semester, will go to Justice Hill beginning with the first summer semester.

• A fourth scholarship would need to be cleared up to sign another and so on and so forth if you signed a fifth.

So, did Justice change his mind on football?

Justice will be on basketball scholarship.

Whether he decides to play basketball ONLY after dabbling in a few football practices this spring, I would say is left to be determined.

He for sure will not go on football scholarship this year unless he turns into a 6-3, 240-pound linebacker.

So, he wouldn’t be able to play in an actual football game unless he’s on football scholarship right? Or did I get that wrong. I thought they had made a rule that a player on another athletic scholarship couldn’t play in a football game unless they were on football scholarship to prevent schools from using other programs in order to get more football players and use their scholarships.

If he plays in a football game, he has to count against the 85 limit. And as a freshman he would also have to count in our 29 new signees.

After Spring, if Justice still wants to dabble with football, I hope Mike takes him off the basketball scholarship. We do not need a part time basketball player wasting a basketball scholarship since the stakes are high.

That’s what I was thinking, if they are passing on Javon cause they need guys that are ready to go right now, last thing we need is using a scholarship on a part time basketball player.

Maybe he’ll turn into a 6’3 240lb PG!

That’s very interesting

Exactly he’s already behind the curve talent wise we were his only real major basketball offer… and now he’s playing football where getting injured is a concern and he misses out on development

This is not good and it makes missing out on kid that committed to Kansas worse…

You are right. If they had not offered Justice, they would have been the first P5 school to offer McBride,

If I am Mike, I am not happy with Justice for even considering football. Mike put his faith in Justice in his freshman year and offered and kind of chose Justice over McBride.

Justice needs to pick a sport and not be half pregnant in both. Tired of his waffling.