2019 Arkansas basketball recruiting notes...

Exactly about Ibby.

If you can help even a little Mike Anderson will play you… if you’re not good enough to get two or three of Adrio And Gabe’s minutes you can’t help us next year

With this logic why not keep both Ibby and Ethan… Every staff in America are not facing termination depending upon next years performance that’s why you have not time in year 9 for projects if you make it to year 10 then maybe so

If I were to choose between the two I would elect to keep Ibby over Ethan

Comments: first Mike doesn’t work like that, if there’s one or two players he feels are developing slower than expected (D1 Power Five Conferences) under the current circumstances he will find a place for them to play in one of the mid-level conferences

I made this point in another thread recently but will do it again here. I’ve been to practices, I’ve travelled with the team and watched them go thru shootaround, drills, watched them interact, etc. I’d be very surprised if Ibby leaves.

The reason he didn’t play this year was not because his skills weren’t good enough, or his body wasn’t ready, it was because he’s basically a basketball toddler. He’s only been playing the game for a couple years and he’s behind on the intricacies of the game. In my limited time, I saw nothing that Henderson does better than Ibby.

If one of he or Henderson is asked to move on I would put my money on Henderson.

Because one is a top 100 player with elite athleticism that just needs to add some weight. The other is a project player who was unranked and averaged 2 PPG in high school that everyone knew was a long shot to ever play for us, it was a last minute you have nothing to lose thing. I’m not going to get into bashing the kid, all I’m going to say is based on what I’ve heard about him he can’t play at this level, and that’s me describing it nicely.

I am hoping they will keep both Ibby and Ethan. They are exactly the type of big men that come into their own by their junior year. In Ibby’s case, he will be fully ready by his sophomore season. Of course for full disclosure, I have a soft spot for Ethan and just like Ibby’s frame and arhletism.

There was so much commotion on the board for not redshirting Trey Thompson and how he could have helped this year. Now Mike redshirts Ibby and he becomes a throwaway.

Interesting discussion on Ibby and Ethan. I don’t have a clue, but I do pay attention to hints, and it’s been hinted that one or more of the players that isn’t playing will probably move on.

I really cooled on Ethan the spring before his senior year. I accepted him as a “long-term play” after thinking years prior that he was a legit top 100 prospect (which he turned out not to be). He knows how to play; he’s just not very skilled yet and has a slight build. He can get stronger and put on some weight, but he will need to develop some perimeter skills to give us optimal value. I think he could get there by his junior or senior year.

On Ibby, he’s just completely raw. Less skilled than Ethan at this stage. But, he has that Greek God body. Can he develop hands and feet? I can see logic for sticking with him.

No clue on which one might leave, but the hints indicate that one will.


From everything I’ve heard, Thompson was one of those “good” basketball recruits who thought academics were more important than basketball. It was my understanding that both Trey and his parents did not want him to red-shirt. I’d also bet that Mike told he and his parents that his scholarship would not be in jeopardy during his time here. Trey loved Arkansas and the university, and I feel certain, wanted to graduate from the U of A, not from UCA or AR Tech.

I think maybe one thing we are forgetting in this thread is we don’t know what Mike may have said to a current player or his parents about his scholarship and/or a red-shirt year. We know for a certainty that Mike will honor his word, whatever that may have been.

How do you get in to the practices? I’ve been wanting to go watch these two. Or are you just guessing?

I’ve never seen Ibby or Henderson play and have no idea which one is closer to contributing, but I’m also reminded of Moses Kingsley. Didn’t redshirt, but could have. He was very, very, VERY raw as a freshman, only played because we had no other bigs besides Portis. After two years in the system, he became a force, and IIRC was named by someone as preseason SEC POY before his senior year. Didn’t quite play to that level, but was very effective his last two seasons on the Hill.

Moses is playing pro ball in Belgium, by the way. Here’s his bio page on the team website in Dutch. Notice they’re listing him as Kingsley Moses, which I believe is actually his birth name. Somehow 2.08 meters doesn’t sound as tall as 6-10.


It would have worked out pretty good if Moses would have used the redshirt! The way he improved by the time he graduated was amazing. If there’s that type of potential for Ibby I hope he stays right where he is.

from shoot around looks before game nothing major i just havent been impressed with Ethan’s skill level even from highschool he has a strange looking jump shot

Just for comparison, Moses was polished compared to Ibby at the same stage. That’s why Moses was #49 in the country and Ibby was barely on the radar.

Yep. Not a valid compare.

Again, I’ve never seen Ibby play and have no idea of his level of skill, polish, athletic ability or anything else. Just occurred to me about Moses’ relative struggles in his first season, when he couldn’t do much of anything.

Oh, I understood. I was just adding context.

well I am sure glad we are seeing a need to find people who can score! for too long now we been brining in athletes and not BB players.