2019 Arkansas basketball recruiting notes...

• I’m sure that many of you noticed that Arkansas did not bring in former Little Rock Parkview standout and current Holmes Community college forward Javon Franklin this weekend for his official visit.

The Razorbacks have decided to move on from Javon and get what that believe will be instant impact players for next season.

I believe it is a combination of the fact they are a little worried about his recovery from injury and how they believe they HAVE ABSOLUTELY GOT to get guys that can put the ball in the basket.

• It should become clear in the next week or so, which of the numerous names that are out there are going to be the main targets.

• It appears they are going into the spring signing period April 17-May 15 with plans to sign at least three guys. That could change if anyone decides to leave of their own , of which there are none are expected to as of this minute.

• If Gafford goes, as is expected right now, they want to bring in two big guys. If for some reason he doesn’t, you are likely looking at one.

• Obviously Khalil Garland’s situation is probably going to be solidified one way or the other - the issue cleared up on medical redshirt.

• Jordan Phillips’ scholarship, currently with Johnny Holmes this semester, will go to Justice Hill beginning with the first summer semester.

• A fourth scholarship would need to be cleared up to sign another and so on and so forth if you signed a fifth.

I didn’t think Franklin was a good option anyways given his limited offensive ability…I’m not the best in math but help me understand where the three extra scholarships are from given Gafford, Phillips and Garland are the only one’s expected to leave with no ones excepted to transfer out…Hill already has Phillips scholarship so that leaves us with two scholarships yet we are hoping to sign three right?

No way Ibby is on the roster next year IMO.

If i were guessing on anymore transfers i’d be lost. i don’t think Ethan leaves. Other sites there are rumors that Chaney is considering transferring but i don’t believe it. Possibly KES?

If Chaney leaves and Ethan stays that would be a huge blow no way we get better having things like that take place

First and foremost, i don’t believe it to be true. Secondly, Chaney is not going to man the middle alone next year so if Gafford leaves, we’re gonna need more than Chaney.

As far as Ethan goes, as my Buddy Ag says, he just doesn’t have the frame to put on that much more weight. He’s gonna have to get stronger in the legs. I’ve actually liked what I’ve seen out of Ethan in the minutes he’s played. Knows his role and plays with a ton of energy. Of course, he’s pretty well rested lol.

I’m sure the staff knows what needs to be addressed. Hopefully we get some men in here.

Yea but if Ethan couldn’t crack the lineup this year I think it’s best he moves on this staff doesn’t have time for projects in year 9 I’m sorry but Ethan just isn’t a SEC talent

How many teams do you know that plays all thirteen players? Kentucky and Duke go about seven deep. Every team has a guy that either develops or bounces. I’m not gonna give up Ethan too soon.

I thought I was pretty clear, but I will try again.

Arkansas is most likely to sign 4 players.

They do not expect - at this moment - anyone to transfer out on their own.

That includes Reggie Chaney. I am not really sure how that rumor got started, other than somebody talking about his body language.

That means they would have to clear up spots to do so…someone would be advised to leave.

Thank you for the clarity

What if the guy that is advised to leave chooses not to go, what happens then? WPS

You are wrong about Ibby. There is a reason he is redshirting. You don’t redshirt someone and then ask them to leave. They like his frame and length, He has NBA body.

They did with that kid that was a preferred walk-on (I forgot his name), but they redshirt him, then he was able to transfer to Arkansas Tech and play as a freshman.

My guess is the let him redshirt so he can transfer down to D2 or JUCO without losing a year of eligibility. If you see someone can’t play at this level, it would make no sense to waste a year of his eligibility.

Why are you assuming he can’t play.

The hogs need depth in the middle. Of CMA can’t go 8 or 9 deep we will be in bad shape next season. We already have 2 that are complete offensive liabilities when they are in the floor. Chaney needs to stay. Emery Simpson needs to stay.
I don’t know enough about Ibby or Ethan Henderson to pass judgement. But CMA does and if he asked a player to leave and tells them they aren’t playing why would they stay.
Recruit some big men that can bang down low and rebound.

why are you assuming he can johnny holmes got more clock than this dude and he’s 5’10 with a good pair of shoes on…if ibby could play on this level he would have played this year

I wish i were wrong my man. Trust me.

I don’t know if they’ll keep Henderson or not but it always makes me laugh when people talk about Year whatever and not having time for projects when literally every team in America has 3-4 developmental/project/roster guys every year.

Exactly, I’m not feeling the people giving up on Henderson yet, IMO, you don’t give up on a top 100 player after 1 year. Now, if the staff have seen enough at practice to suggest he’ll never be able to make the rotation then by all means they should make a change, but if they see some potential in him, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving him more time to develop. People forget Trey Thompson didn’t play at all either his freshman year and turned into a pretty good role player for us. Moses Kingsley averaged 4 PPG his first 2 years and turned out to be a really good player for us. Some kids just take longer to adjust, especially big men, they are use to being the tallest guy on the court in high school, it’s an adjustment learning to play against guys that are bigger and stronger than you each and every day.

Henderson is not a basketball player. Super skinny, no handles, no shot and no feel for the game inside. He can jump really high - but that’s it.

My guess is both him and Ibby leave. I would actually like to see Ibby stay. You can’t teach 6’10, a chiseled frame and a 7’4 wingspan. He is the project worth molding IMO.

He can walk on and possibly earn a scholarship.