2018 target TJ Moss to play for Arkansas Hawks

Per Bill Ingram, 2018 target TJ Moss, a 4 star 6-3 SG from Memphis will join the Arkansas Hawks. Hopefully that increases the odds of Hogs landing TJ.

That’s great news for us. Still got 4 future Hogs on the Hawks that can convince him to come.

I wouldn’t be mad at a TJ Moss/DJ Weaver commitment by the end of the summer, that would help with the loss of Perry.

Listening to Bill Ingram and Dr. Hill on the radio this evening, it sounded like they have not given up on Perry. In fact, Dr. Hill reminded the listeners that Reggie will spend the month of July in Arkansas with his Arkansas relatives and Arkansas commits on the Hawks team.

Regardless, I am counting Perry out for good. Don’t want to be disappointed twice over the same player like KeVaughn Allen.

Assuming Perry is gone for good, and with Steere now out, where are we in recruiting?

If T.J. Moss stays home to Memphis (even though he will play for the Hawks), and Josh LeBlanc stays home at LSU, are we left with Weaver as our last shot?

Still enough time for new names to pop up. This month is the crescendo of BBall recruiting.

Yea, wasn’t there another kid a few days ago that plays PG for 2018 out of Missouri that said we were in his top 2? I thought I remembered reading that. I forgot the name though.

edit: NM, found the kid, it’s a 2019 recruit. Name is Mario McKinney.

Comments: perhaps, although I share that bond between the other four hawk members still remains strong with one another and until he inks with another school UA is still heavy in the mix. Regarding Allen I wouldn’t put Perry in that bag, that Allen kid did not want to have anything to do with Arkansas period even his AAU ball experience was played out of the state

It’s about to get revved up.

Names were going to pop up with or without Perry.

There will now be more bigs.

It never hurts to play with the Hawks.