2018 Revisited?

I was pleased with how we closed our 2018 recruiting with Gerald, Foucha, and Parker. Had we not landed those 3, the class would’ve been hurting.

NOW, on to 2019 recruiting. In checking SEC recruiting for the upcoming class (never too early!); I note 3 SEC schools have no commitments thus far - Vandy, Mizzou and US!.. (BTW, those are also the bottom 3 from the 2018 recruiting class rankings). Georgia, who had the top rated 2018 class in the nation, already has 7 commits.

I hope that we have learned that you have to “offer early & often”. We do not want the leftovers! Does anyone know how many offers we presently have out?

This staff is definitely getting out more offers sooner. I think I saw on 1 site we have 135 offers out and some expect that number to grow to around 200.

I love that they are getting kids on campus sooner.

I also think it will be interesting to see how much impact HS coaches will have on recruitment. This staff is really HS coach friendly. I

That is great to hear! We need to be around 200+ and we seem to be migrating toward that number. Our previous administration made way fewer offers (we were looking for “Uncommon”). I believe CBB paid RD cause he continues to defend the lazy recruiting of the CBB staff…

Yeah, I was on the payroll. Good second income.

I’ve pointed out facts about B and his staff being able to sign kids that Bama, Texas, OU, FSU, Fla. Ohio State, Michigan and others wanted. They signed more than Nutt and Petrino.

I will defend Morris and this staff like I have recently in the future if I believe people are wrong.

I suspect they’ll have a pretty good amount by the end of spring practice.

The reason Georgia has 7 commits already has a great deal to do with the championship game appearance. The Hogs win like that and they’ll have early commitments, too. The new staff is just getting its legs under them, while other staffs have had a year or years to recruit 2019 prospects. CBB had his share of offers and successes. This staff may make more offers and hopefully have even more successes, but it seems a little soon to be concerned that 2019 will be the same as this year.

Ole Piss has 8 commits.

Richard if Recruiting was not the problem … what I’m your opinion was it?

I’m not Richard, but recruiting was a problem. RD is right that they beat out some big names for some good players, but in my opinion just not enough. Some didn’t work out, some (many?) weren’t developed and some played and played well. But to me, they were just always razorthin at key positions. At least, that was part of it.

The problem was evident in game days. There’s no way to sugar coat or hide poor coaching. The in game adjustments were truly abismal. I think Brets record at Arkansas when down at half was something like 1-18. I know at one point it was 0-16 or so.

Other than that, the injuries hurt. Not so great talent development, and I know it had to be that because we did get some good recruits. A weapon is useless if you don’t know how to pull the trigger. I think they either didn’t know how to utilize certain guys, or played with the safety on.

They beat out more big schools than Petrino and Nutt combined. I would agree the second half problems was a major problem.

My problem is anyone saying that it was “lazy recruiting.”

Or saying the coaches were lazy.

That shows no knowledge of the situation at all.

That being said, you can call it ineffective recruiting.

But in no way was the staff lazy or the process lazy

He lost more games than Petrino and Nutt combined too.

We were talking about recruiting wise.

I think they base this off of all the current offers and twitter “game”. No doubt that is different from the previous staff, and gives them the impression of “lazy”. I believe your ineffective description fits much better.

Some of it was bad luck, IMO. The kid we beat out a top team for happened to be the stud that busted or got hurt. Some was not developing them. Was it the conditioning guy? Early on we seemed to get better as the year went on, but later it seemed the opposite. As noted by someone else, we rarely were able to come back when behind at half and blew some big leads. Was it position coaches? Maybe. I thought the staff generally (not always) got weaker with each staff change.

I also think our completion in general got “more better” than we did.

Game day coaching/motivation, was poor at times, but not always. It was a strange failure.

While I supported the dismissal of CBB, I think the entire narrative would have been different if not for the last two games of 2016. We don’t blow those two huge leads and even if last year turns out exactly the same, I think CBB is still here (on the hot seat yes, but still here)